Body Tightening Treatment via Sudatonic


Body Tightening Treatment via Sudatonic

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Sudatonic is a medical treatment. This is GREAT for your health. It was designed first for diabetics in the Health Care Field. They noticed each patient had significant energy, skin tightening, and over all inch loss. Over the course of 20 years this service was adopted by the beauty industry. 

This is an infra-red sleeping bag that heats up to 185 degrees and detoxes into your organs. Most people lose a collective 12-14 inches per wrap. Your results are approx. 60% permanent as water weight is inevitable long term. 

This is perfect for competitions, shaping up, increasing health, tightening skin, and increasing energy.


-Drink a gallon of water a day 3 days before and after this treatment. Water is our lymphatic pump and is VITAL to carry out toxins to yield your best results. 

-Bring back up under garments or a swim suit to wear with an extra bag for them as you will probably sweat about a gallon of water. 

-Eat at least 300 calories. This burns about 1000 calories. Youre not supposed to eat 2 hours after this treatment to enhance your results for the next 2-3 days.

-Wear loose comfortable clothing as you might continue to sweat upon leaving.



-You must be in remisson for at least 3 years of any cancer. 

-NO auto-immune disease.

-No current menstruation. 

-Claustrophobia could be an issue.

-You must be able to tolerate heat. 

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