Our body treatments have a wide range from weight loss, skin tightening, clearing acne, scar reduction and more.

Sudatonic Body shrinking Treatment

This is a Medical Infra-Red Heated body treatment. This permanently reduces cellulite, tightens your skin, releases toxins while improving your health and increasing your energy.

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1 for $125 or 4 for $375


Airbrush (Spray) Tanning

This is a very natural looking tan. You will look you walked right off the beach in Hawaii. 

1 for $20 or 4 for $60

Try Facial Contouring for $10

Try Body Contouring for $10

full body polish

Enjoy a full body Swedish polish with your favorite scented Sea Salt or Sugar scrub. Once your skin is velvety smooth our fine granuals will be dissolved with warm towels. Next your stress will melt away as warmed drizzled oil and shea butter moisturize your skin leaving you in heavenly bliss.