Sudatonic: Before, During & After.

What To Do Before

  • Drink a gallon of water every day a few days before & the day of. 
  • Eat at least 300 calories before your treatment. 
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing 
  • Bring back up under garments and a bag to place them in as you will sweat A LOT.What To Expect During The Treatment

1. A cream will be applied to your entire body.

LEVEL 1- A cactus gel will be applied to enhance detoxing, firming, toning, and tightening.

LEVEL 2- Our SudaTone cream is a storehouse of active ingredients which form a barrier to help the body detox and cleanse. Its pleasant to use because it leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed with no shower required immediately after session. 

LEVEL 3- SudaTan encourages melanin production as well as detoxing, toning and tightening.

LEVEL 4- SudaTone Cream has essential oils of Melaleuca (Australian tea tree oil) and cinnamon were selected for their stimulating and healing properties. These ingredients accelerate blood circulation in the skin and improve the penetration in a compound that inhibits certain enzymes, thereby preventing fat solidification and storage in the fat cell layers. This is very intense and will heat your body to a much higher degree to further detox and eliminate cellulite. 

Cream #4 was specifically formulated to work on areas of dense "hard" fat deposits. Unlike "flabby" fat that contains a lot of water- Dense fat beneath the muscle (visceral) are more difficult to access. The skin over these areas is usually not loose, but hard to the touch. The cream penetrates down to those areas of dense fat, and begins the process of loosening them so the body can use and loose the fat during your treatment.

You must have had at least 5 SudaTonic Treatments or have an Athletic Body with Dense Muscle Mass. 

2. Cellulite Target Cream is applied minimally on problematic areas of fat.

This cream contains a high concentration of essential oils known for effectiveness in lymph drainage, along with elimination of fat toxins and other metabolic waste. This will be applied over cream #1 using a slow and steady pressure, then rigorous kneading. 

3.You will be wrapped in the SudaTonic Infrared Blanket. 

  • A plastic sheet will be gently folded over you. 
  • The SudaTonic blanket will be folded over you and sealed tightly to keep in the heat.
  • A rolled towel will be placed behind your neck to catch your sweat.
  • Weights are optional to be placed on top of your legs and abdomen to encourage more perspiration. 
  • Once you have actively sweat for 30 minutes you will continue to relax as the heat turns down for 10 minutes. 
  • You will then be unwrapped and have the opportunity to towel dry off and use the restroom. 

4.SudaTone #3 cream contains extracts which stimulate and activate the elimination of stored fat. Enriched with compounds, it acts on the metabolism by inhibiting the storage of fat reserves. The physiological conditions connected with the Thermo-Sudatioin (vasodilation faster metabolic exchanges)enable the active ingredients to infiltrate the fat cell layers more effectively. When allowed to completely absorb (10 minutes) it calms the skin and leaves you feeling relaxed, clean and not sticky. 

The cream takes about 10 minutes to fully ABSORB and do its FINAL WORK of targeting deep fat deposits and if not given the full amount of time to be absorbed, you may feel sticky or continue to sweat. (Why we encourage lose comfortable clothing.)

What To Expect After?

Try not to eat two hours after as this will help your body continue to produce amazing results for 3 days after. 

  • You might continue to sweat or be red for an hour or two after. 
  • Keep drinking water and have an amazing day after the great work you put in your body. 
  • Most people feel more energy the next day. 
  • Most people see an instant noticeable difference in size and skin tightening- your best results will show the 2nd or 3rd day.


  • Heart Troubles or Pace Makers.
  • Cancer in the past 3 years.
  • Any Immune Disorder.