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Buy 3 get 1 FREE! 


Sudatonic body tightening treatment

Shrink everything except your smile.

An infra-red body wrap that heats up to 185 degrees. This is a super healthy detox that cleanses all the way down to your organs. Most people lose about 12-14 collective inches per wrap. These results are 60% permanent. You can find more information about this under our services or



AGAVE NECTAR BODY OIL 96% Natural - Vegan - NOT Gluten Free (has barley extract)

If you love a deep-soaking, luscious after-shower body oil, Agave Nectar will love you back! The scent is heavenly light - an oat/milk scent (comparable to a to-die-for tiramisu dessert) that women and men alike adore. But it's so much more than a body oil. Made with a special blend of extracts tested and proven to reduce the rate of your skin's water loss - one of the culprits in signs of aging. Barley, Sandalwood and Amurense bark combine with Agave Nectar and a blend of natural oils to deeply hydrate without a greasy afterfeel. This bottle of glistening comfort even turns white in the water, so any droplets on your clothing or sheets remove clean in the wash. No staining. How brilliant!



Experience: The forecast is sunny with chance of glisten in the air! This uplifting treatment is a guaranteed good day! The invigorating Lavender Hibiscus Mineral soak sets your senses to joyous. A Citrus Grass sea salt scrub made with organic alfalfa powder will expel dry skin while leaving a soft glisteny finish. Are you ready to frolic through a field of flowers? Because that’s exactly how you’ll feel after the light citrus Hello Yellow Shea butter scent mingles with the lavender soak. This whipped butter breathes new life into your skin and makes any day feel like spring is in the air. Finish this delightful treatment with a customized refreshing facial to leave you feeling weightless and care free.



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